Core Values

Values – ZNCC’s values align with our EPC projects to the extent that we try to adhere to them in all our engineering and construction works. We make sure that each value guides our performance and work culture for as long as we are involved in a construction project.

Teamwork – Our talented professionals from all parts of the world work together to execute projects successfully. Every team member contributes to achieving the company’s goals and objectives.

The Satisfaction of Customers – We endeavor to completely grasp and deliver the needs of customers without adhering to mediocrity. We believe in stretching ourselves, being excellent, and exceeding all expectations while sticking to the agreed-upon budget and time limit.

Excellence – In all spheres of our business, we strive to attain excellence. Be it operational, technical, or administrative, we display superiority in every facet. We are ready to expect changes and are prepared to face changes by practicing flexibility.

Sustainability – ZNCC incorporates sustainable initiatives design, corporate policies, project management. We build strategies to reduce the jolt on the environment. We better the quality of life in communities where we are working by employing locals,  respecting local cultures.

Professional Development – Exploring strengths, encouraging diversity in skills experiences, talents and knowledge is our forte. We also initiate internal and external training programs to guarantee a competent workforce.