Gardez Substation Paktia, Afghanistan

Client: United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE);

Project Short Description:

This project consists of one Substation at Gardez, Paktia province of Afghanistan which the scope of work was including design, supply, installation, erection, construction, and testing & commissioning of the Gardez substation. Gardez substation has one 220KV line bay, 20KV yard with indoor switchgear, two 20KV line bays each capable of extension to 34MVA, and line dead-end structures for connection to four 20KV distribution lines. The substation has been sized to allow expansion to three additional 220KV line bays, a 110KV yard with two 110KV line bays, a 20KV yard with four additional 20KV line bays, adequate space for 220KV/110KV Autotransformers, 110KV/20KV transformers and two 220KV/20KV transformers rated 16MVA each.