ZNCC has earned a niche for itself in the construction and renovation industry of Afghanistan. Well-known for high-quality construction and professionalism, we have renovated Shahid Afzali School (refurbished 24 rooms of the school), built a privacy wall and guardhouse so that both students and teachers have an amicable, clean and safe environment to spend time. The Department of Defense, Afghanistan has conferred appreciation to ZNCC for its cooperation and dedication in improving life in Kabul by constructing new health clinics. No matter how harsh and severe the climate or location is, we have executed several projects for TF Kabul. Our portfolio includes the completion of wells, schools, security walls, bank stabilization, and bridges. The company has contributed to renovating the Shinah Health Clinic in Kabul within the stipulated timeframe and budget while sticking to specifications and scope of work. A socially responsible firm, ZNCC employs the local population in its projects, which improves the local economy as well. Thanks to our years of experience, and professionalism, we are considered as one of the premium names in the field and have won accolades as well as certificates for our work.