Power Projects

ZNCC is an industry leader in delivering high-quality power projects. We know how critical a substation and its power transmission and distribution are in terms of addressing the increasing demand for electricity. With our experience and skills in this sector, we efficiently handle power projects to bring socioeconomic advantages to communities across Afghanistan.

There is a need for flawless strategies and mastery to facilitate bulk energy transfer or delivery of power to houses. Our specialized teams of designers, project managers, environmental consultants, and engineers use expertise and knowledge to assist in preparing and incorporating transmission and distribution that efficiently performs over a long period, and also reinforces the infrastructure you require to fix any weak points.

We Excel in a Host of Services

Our expertise are in design, demining, survey, geotechnical, supply, logistics, erection, testing and commissioning, and operation and maintenance make us the perfect choice for the engineering, procurement, and construction of power projects in Afghanistan.

Transmission Lines – For construction of transmission lines, we survey the plot and then execute the foundations and anchors. We then assemble and erect towers, and then suspend conductors on transmission structures for stringing. For a reliable and safe operation, it is important that we conduct testing before operation of transmission line. We also conduct commissioning before handover.

Substation – Our experts survey suitable site for construction of substations to check if they meet the compliance standards set by the government, build the foundation for equipment support structures at switchyards, erect equipment, and accessories, construct the control room building and create boundary wall and fences for the protection of the substation from vandalism and theft. We also construct cable trenches for laying the cable and internal roads for easy mobility within the substation premises. We conduct the testing and commissioning and we charge the substation before handover.

Distribution Lines – We conduct surveys of the proposed line route of the distribution lines, build foundations, erect poles, and equipment, conduct stringing, charge current in distribution lines and offer housing connections if needed.