Organization Structure

President – The President presides over the workforce, establishes long and short-term goals, guarantees proper resource allocation, manages the budget, and more.

CEO – The CEO manages the overall operations and resources of our company, makes important decisions, and is the company’s public face.

Tendering – In tender management, our experts offer bids to carry out packages of construction.

Finance – Our finance manager decides how to obtain the necessary financing against all domains and use the funds available. 

HR – The HR professionals take care of the life cycle of an employee, from hiring to training and firing an employee. They also administer benefits for employees.

Energy Management – At ZNCC, our energy department manages all coordination activities with logistics, purchase, site works, and construction.

Quality – Our quality expert decreases operational errors, inefficiencies, and defects in projects. The quality department also takes measures to improve the capacities and capabilities of operations via new tools, methods, or skills.

Safety – Maintaining workplace safety is one of our major targets. We make sure that each of our employees is protected and supported against a vast range of workplace dangers.

Logistics – Our logistics team is responsible for storage, delivery, cargo handling, packaging, processing of information, and more.

Project Management – Our project managers plan, run, observe, control, and shut projects. They are responsible for the whole project team, project scope, resources, and the success of the project. 

Admin – Our admin department offers office support to a team or an individual and is important for running a business smoothly.

IT – Our IT professionals supervise the maintenance and installation of computer network systems at ZNCC.