Construction Projects

ZNCC is famous for carrying out premium construction projects safely with precision and cost-efficiency. We ensure superior quality output and offer comprehensive solutions that enable smooth operation and successful results. Over the years, we have completed multiple construction projects, ranging from buildings, roads, and various other infrastructures, such as airports and railways. We provide labor, material, equipment, and other services for any project.

Our Expertise in Construction Projects

Building – ZNCC puts forth a wide range of building-related services. Whether it is a residential building or commercial construction, our professionals can handle it seamlessly. Starting with site assessment and suitable designs, our experienced teams handle all kinds of work that follow. From excavation, setting the foundation, soiling, plaster, masonry, flooring, RCC, damp-proofing to painting the structure, fittings, accessories, and exterior work, expect an array of high-quality services at affordable prices.

Roads – Our highly skilled contractors are masters of road construction. We strive to build long-lasting roads that stand for quality and safety. Our teams handle all kinds of roadwork like the design, survey, geotechnical, site assessment, and preparation of sub-grade, preparation of sub-base, preparation of the base, and preparation of wearing course.

Other Infrastructure – ZNCC is not limited to masonry and roadwork and also covers a diverse field of construction work, including military base facilities, railway, airport, warehouse, and water distribution. We are capable of offering all the materials and gears required along with the labor to build robust facilities. Years of experience enable us to welcome both private and government projects. We are also well-versed in applying for permits and taking control of the property to ensure no setbacks occur throughout the task.

ZNCC is ideal for your construction project. We guarantee the completion of your project at the highest possible standard. For any kind of construction-related work, get in touch with ZNCC.