Safety Management

Till date, ZNCC has achieved a zero accident-frequency rate. These exceptional results reflect the hard work, commitment, and dedication to safety issues of everyone in the organization. Although ZNCC’s project manager is ultimately responsible for the company’s job-site safety program, every project is assigned a designated safety manager to monitor day-to-day work practices. On larger projects, this is a full-time position. ZNCC is proud of its long history of maintaining accident frequency rates that are far below industry averages. Our managers believe that maintaining a safe, clean working environment is an essential factor in achieving high quality, cost-effective project.

ZNCC attempt to maintain Safety Management by taking support from all level of the company’s organization, providing the safety staffs education and training programs to motivate them and operating inspection programs through the projects. The company has equipped the staff with risk control devices to control hazardous processes and materials that comply with legal duties as specified in OSHA. The key elements that we pledge to maintain our Safety Management is a good policy by making statements and documents outlining the company’s Health and Safety policy and by organizing a family tree detailing the responsibilities at each level of the operation; necessary organizing by senior management, middle management, supervision and shop-floor supervision so that the staffs involvement and the company’s commitment and participation at all levels must be maintained and the company has been organized to encourage the co-operators such as employees, safety representatives and Site Safety and Health Officer to obey safety policy.